We Believe

Local Beer Tastes Better

We use the freshest ingredients.
We personally deliver our beer.
We are fanatical about quality from grain to glass.
Common Space beer goes from our tanks to your glass in a matter of days.
That’s why we believe that LOCAL BEER TASTES BETTER.

Our Fresh Craft

Beer Line up

6.5% ABV 100 IBU 2 SO4:Cl

Dry, bitter, and full of citrus and tropical fruit flavors, this is the strongest flavored IPA we have made. It’s pretty delicious.

Grist: Rahr Pale, Flaked Oats
Hops: Mosaic, Ekuanot, 007, The Golden Hop
Yeast: California US-05

5.4% ABV 26 IBU 1 SO4:Cl

One of our favorite styles to brew and drink, this traditional German Pilsner has the refined sweetness of freshly baked madeleines, and a spicy, herbal nose of lemon verbena.
Grist: Barke Pilsner, Carafoam
Hops: Saaz, Hallertau Mittelfrüh
Yeast: German Lager 34/70

5.9% ABV 24 IBU 1.5 SO4:Cl

This Saison has a delicate balance of fruity esters and black pepper phenols with hints of perfume and green herbs. The texture of the rice is felt in the creaminess of the finish. We used French Saison yeast in this batch which accentuates the pepper and herbal notes.
Grist: Rahr Pale, Puffed Jasmine Rice, White Wheat Malt
Hops: Kazbek, Hallertau Mittelfru, Sorachi Ace
Yeast: French Saison S-11

8.5% ABV 132 IBU 6.3 SO4:Cl

Day-dreams of bitter amaros, citrus rind, and sweet orange candies evoked by drinking this heavily-hopped Double IPA evaporate as you are awakened with a soft mouth spank of Ekuanot, Centennial and Amarillo.

Grist: 2-Row, Pale, Vienna, Carapils
Hops: Centennial, Simcoe, Mosaic, Ekuanot Cryo, Bravo
Yeast: California US-05

5.4% ABV 60 IBU 1 SO4:Cl

This contemporary American Pale Ale uses hops rich in stone fruit and melon flavors to present a fruit forward beer, that is relatively low on citrus character.

Grist: 2-Row, Pale, Golden Promise, Golden Naked Oats
Hops: El Dorado, Pink Boots Blend
Yeast: California US-05

4.8% ABV 15 IBU 0.3 SO4:Cl

A mild brioche sweetness balances a hint of noble hops. The classic German lager – a beer for any hour or season, best enjoyed with new friends at our beer garden.

Grist: Barke Pilsner, Kolsch, Carafoam
Hops: Kazbek, Hallertau Mittelfruh
Yeast: German Lager 34/70

Now Pouring at COMMON SPACE

What's on tap

Yay! Sayer IPA
6.7% ABV
90.0 IBU
Zesty – Tropical – CitrusGrist: Rahr Pale, Flaked Oats.Hops: Idaho-7, Amarillo, Centennial.Yeast: California Ale BSI-1.Loads of hops added during whirlpool and dry hopping make Yay! Sayer IPA burst with bright, tropical, and zesty citrus flavors. Bitterness is present but balanced, making this IPA very refreshing. Malt plays a supporting role with a hint of toast from the North American Pale malt and brightness from the oats.
Mexican Lager
4.2% ABV
14.0 IBU
FRESCA – BRILLANTE – SONRISASGrist: Weyermann Eraclea Pilsner, Flaked Maize Hops: German Magnum Yeast: German Lager 34/70Fresh, brilliant, and smile inducing – this Mexican inspired light lager is the perfect sessionable beer for all your cerveza related needs.
Hammock Street Lager
4.8% ABV
13.0 IBU
SMOOTH - GOLDEN - RELAXATIONGrist: Barke Pilsner, Cologne, CarafoamHops: TettnangYeast: German Lager 34/70Kick back and relax with this easy drinking Helles Lager. This is beer flavored beer. This is beer for the common folk. This is brewer’s beer. Welcome to Hammock Street.
Josie's Wit
5.3% ABV
25.0 IBU
BRIGHT - SPICY - CITRUSGrist: Barke Pilsner, Flaked Wheat, Wheat Malt, Flaked OatsHops & Flavoring: Hallertau Mittelfru, Sorachi Ace, Coriander, Blood OrangeYeast: BSI-400 Belgian WhiteJosie's 2018 CA state fair gold medal winning recipe is back! It's a refreshing Belgian style Wit-beer made with coriander and blood-orange. It’s like Summer in a glass.
Random & Dangerous
8.4% ABV
100.0 IBU
SEXY - HOP - MONSTERGrist: Rahr Pale, Weyermann Vienna, Weyermann CarafoamHops: Amarillo, Simcoe, Centennial, BravoYeast: California Ale BSI-1Monstrous citrus and tropical flavor and aroma from over six pounds per barrel of hops snap you awake from your boring beer stupor.
Hometown Brut
5.5% ABV
0.0 IBU
LYCHEE - MANDARIN ORANGE - JACKFRUITGrist: Weyermann Eraclea Pilsner, Weyermann SpeltHops: Denali, Citra, American NobleYeast & Enzymes: German Lager BSI-3470, Amylo 300 enzymeA collaboration with our good friends at Claremont Craft Ales. Claremont is where Kushal grew up and Andy first brewed professionally. This is a spelt heavy brut, dry hopped lager (aka Dinkel-BIPL). Made with Denali and Citra hops selected by Claremont Craft Ales.
Pale Ale
5.0% ABV
60.0 IBU
HONEYDEW – ALMOND COOKIES – STARBURSTGrist: Rahr Pale, Golden Naked Oats, Simpson Crystal Type 50 Hops: El Dorado, Mosaic Yeast: California Ale BSI-1What makes a Pale Ale a Pale Ale? And why is it less pale than our IPA? We used toasted oat malt and a special English crystal malt to accentuate the inherent toasty-malty-sweetness of our North American pale malt and then cold whirlpooled it with Mosaic and El Dorado. Bam! Tasty Pale Ale. That is how Common Space do.
Double Red
7.0% ABV
90.0 IBU
GRAPEFRUIT - APEROL - RESIN. Caramelly without being sticky or sweet, this red hits all the hop highs and toast lows to make your mouth happy.
Dark Lager
5.3% ABV
20.0 IBU
TOASTY - NUTTY - NOUGATGrist: Barke Pils, Light Munich, Dark Munich, CarafaHops: Hallertau Magnum, TettnangYeast: German Lager 34/70Down with Pumpkin Beers! This traditional Munich Style Dunkel is our seasonal offering to slake your thirst during L.A.'s few cooler months. Put on that long sleeved shirt and relax with a Winter Lager.
Milo Nitro Stout
6.1% ABV
20.0 IBU
SILKY - SMOOTH - COCOAGrist: Rahr Pale, Oats, Carahell, Simpson T50, Perla negra,Hops: Hallertau MagnumYeast: California Ale BSI-1Milo is a silky nitro stout with complex flavors of baker’s chocolate and hints of toast. The sweetness is subdued, and the roast level is low, providing a stout with a beautifully smooth mouthfeel, and a very clean finish. Milo is meant to be enjoyed like an adult version of chocolate milk – rich enough to enjoy as a treat on its own, yet dry enough to pair with a soft baked cookie or coffee cake.
Limu Buna Coffee Mild
3.6% ABV
18.0 IBU
SMOOTH - HEATH BAR - CAPPUCCINOGrist: Simpson Maris Otter, Simpson T-50, Simpson DRC, Flaked Oats, Weyermann Special WHops and Coffee: German Magnum, Light-Roast Ethiopian Limu CoffeeYeast: English Ale S-04Stylistically Limu Buna is an English Mild, with an added 96 hour cold extraction of 2 lb/BBL whole bean, light roast, washed Limu coffee.
Food Fight Hazy IPA
6.5% ABV
70.0 IBU
TANGERINE – APRICOT – HONEYDEWGrist: Pale Malt, Spelt Malt, Wheat Malt, WheatHops: El Dorado, Mosaic, Simcoe, American NobleYeast: BSI-1 California AleBrewed with California Ale yeast Food Fight Hazy IPA is a hybrid style. Hop haze is formed through early dry hopping and accentuated with proteins from wheat, and through water chemistry. Fruity flavors of the hops are brought out through the biotransformation that occurs during fermentation in the presence of hops. California Ale yeast adds the dry finish, and clean fermentation notes of a West Coast IPA.
Persephone Saison
5.8% ABV
20.0 IBU
FRESH - PEPPER - LEMONGrist: Rahr Pale, Spelt Malt, Unmalted WheatHops: Styrian GoldingsYeast: S-11 French SaisonBrewed on the first day of spring “Persephone” is a classic French style Saison. It was made with a mix of barley, wheat and spelt, and warm fermented with French Saison yeast. Persephone has a complex mix of fruit and spice flavors, expressing lemon, white pepper, clove, and bubblegum.
Mission Beach Saison
5.7% ABV
0.0 IBU
Mission Beach Saison is a wide blend of styles - Kolsch malt, French Saison yeast, and West Coast hopping. These mismatched ingredients come together beautifully as a bright, juicy, citrusy and fruity beer, perfect for beach weather.Grist: Weyermann Kolsch maltHops: Simcoe, Citra, Hallertau BlancYeast: S-11 French Saison
Razzle Dazzle
5.8% ABV
0.0 IBU
Sour Raspberry Wit
Space Trees
7.8% ABV
110.0 IBU
APRICOT - KUMQUAT - CANDYThis IPA was brewed using hop extracts and "cryo" hops instead of traditional pellets or whole cone. The more processed and fractionated hop products create very clean, bright hop flavors, and lack green "dank" plant flavors. The resulting IPA is an exploration of where the hop industry is going, and a look into the future of IPAs.Grist and Fermentables: Rahr Pale, Weyermann Pilsner, DextroseHop Products: Loral Cryo, Simcoe Cryo, Amarillo Cryo, Flex Alpha Extract, Iso Tetra ExtractYeast: California Ale BSI-1
Waggle Dance
6.3% ABV
0.0 IBU
ZESTY - FLORAL - HONEYWaggle dance is a term used in beekeeping for a dance of the honey bee. By performing this dance, successful foragers can share the direction and distance to patches of flowers. Our Waggle Dance is a French Style Saison brewed with 12 lbs per barrel of local CA wildflower honey.Grist & Fermentables: Rahr Pale, Golden Naked Oats, California Wildflower HoneyHops: Cryo CascadeYeast: S-11 French Saison
Pony Fight Club
7.4% ABV
0.0 IBU
PINEAPPLE - MANGO - JUICEBOXPonies, welcome to Pony Fight Club. The first rule of Pony Fight Club is: You do not neigh about Pony Fight Club. The second rule of Pony Fight Club is: You do not neigh about Pony Fight Club. Third rule of Pony Fight Club: Someone yells "Stop!", goes limp, throws up, the night is over. Fourth rule: Only four beers to a flight. Fifth rule: One beer at a time, ponies. Sixth rule: No shirts, no shoes, no service. Seventh rule: Pours will go on as long as they have to. And the eighth and final rule: If this is your first night at Pony Fight Club, you have to drink hazies.Grist: Rahr Pale, Wheat MaltHops: Citra, Mosaic, American Noble LoralYeast: California Ale BSI-1

How We Brew

Each day we experiment, we learn, and we relish in our work.
We love the craft.
We question everything.

We constantly tinker with the grist, hops, yeast, water, and our process. We’re fanatical about freshness and delivering quality from grain to glass.

Brewing is our passion and we love sharing our passion with you.


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